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La Cholita Backroom

Posted On: 21st of May, 2013
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Some painting done in the back room at La Cholita in Northbridge.

Foothills Tattoo

Posted On: 11th of March, 2013
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This one's for a tattoo shop in Byford.

Night Markets

Posted On: 18th of January, 2013
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Flyer for some markets. Lettering with connections.

OnWilliam Christmas Cards

Posted On: 25th of December, 2012
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OnWIlliam Map and christmas cards promo.

Red Stripe Clothing in store painting

Posted On: 23rd of August, 2012
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Little painting I did down at Red Stripe Clothing.

La Cucaracha

Posted On: 9th of January, 2012
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Taco cart I made with a pal of mine.

So I made a taco cart. It's pretty sweet.

The only relevant bit here is the logo I designed for it. And painted on the thing.



Posted On: 13th of December, 2011
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Flag design for the Pride March.


Posted On: 11th of October, 2011
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